How Addiction to Opiates is Treated

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What are the Treatment Models for Opiate Addiction Called

There are generally two treatment models used in the treatment of opiate
addiction. The first one is called The Abstinence Based Model. This means,
using abstinence and not taking any form of opiate of any kind.
Unfortunately, after one takes high doses of Heroin or other opiates for a
long time, the person develops a high tolerance for opiates. Then, without
using opiates on a regular basis, very serious withdrawal symptoms can
occur leading to extreme cravings for more opiates to relieve the terrible
feelings. Often times, a person will, sadly, relapse and die. In 2014, over
34,000 American died from unintentional opiate overdoes.

The Medication Assisted Model

The other main treatment model for opiate addiction is called the
Medication Assisted Model. In this model, a person with an opiate addiction
is converted into a patient, who will then receive a special opiate drug
called Buprenorphine. The Buprenorphine will relieve the extremely
uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms so the person can adequately function
until the medication can be slowly tapered off. The Medication Assisted
Treatment with Buprenorphine is at least twice as effective as the
Abstinence Based Model. Harm Reduction is another name for the Medication
Assisted Model. That’s because one has ever died from a Buprenorphine


In addition to having the patient take buprenorphine, he or she must see
the doctor at least once a month, during which time their urine is tested
to make sure they haven’t been abusing any drugs. In addition to that,
counseling is provided to the individual as well as their family. One goal
of counseling is to help the patient identify what triggers their desire to
use drugs and what led to the addiction and help them recognize the signs
and overcome them. Another aim is to reconnect with family, friends, or the
community for stronger support to help resist the addiction.

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The Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic of South Mississippi in Hattiesburg,
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past eleven years and is the only facility in the area dedicated to
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