How A Deportation Attorney Can Help


Facing removal from the United States is serious, for those in this situation it is extremely important that the hire an experienced and knowledgeable deportation attorney in Chicago. Although the attorney will provide a service similar to other attorneys practicing in other areas of law; provide advice and prepare for hearings, the laws that pertain to deportation are very different than any other civil or criminal action.

Deportation means expulsion:

When someone is deported from the United States he or she is expelled, the legal process is called “removal.” The deportation proceedings are initiated by DHS, the US Department of Homeland Security. Anyone that is not a citizen of the United States can be deported. A deportation attorney in Chicago is the legal professional that is hired by the person facing removal, the attorney attempts to prevent deportation from taking place. As the process is extremely complex, the attorney will form his arguments based on the circumstances as well as the status of the client.

The responsibilities of the attorney:

For the deportation attorney to be effective, he or she must become intimate with the circumstances that led to the action. In many cases the reason behind the expulsion is the contention that the individual committed a crime. When this is the case it is important to delve deeper into the issue, attempting to determine if the offense is really one that is grounds for deportation, which is not always the case.

The attorney will determine if the individual is eligible for political asylum or perhaps should be granted the status of a refugee or even face potential danger or persecution in the home country.

In many cases a deportation attorney in Chicago can present argument that the client can apply for a change of status. This quite often is the case when a person arrives in the US as a non-immigrant and stays in the country once the time limit has expired. It may be possible for the attorney to argue that the client can be granted permanent legal status if overstaying is the only reason for the deportation action.

If you are facing expulsion from the United States you will need a deportation attorney in Chicago to guide and assist you in your efforts to remain the country. You are invited to contact Din Law, LLC. Like us on our facebook page.