Homeopathic Medicines for Weight Loss


Homeopathic medicines have been used for centuries, from curing chronic illnesses to treating a bruise that just refuses to go away. However, can it be the cure to America’s growing obesity epidemic? The signs are all pointing to maybe. Homeopathic medicine in Ajax ON area can potentially unlock your body’s potential for great overall health!

While homeopathy cannot be used as a replacement for a nutritious diet and exercise, it can be used as a complement to these lifestyle changes, furthering their abilities. Homeopathic options can target some issues that lurk under the surface that can impede your weight loss, like problems with metabolism or hormones. Here are some of common homeopathic remedies for weight loss:

Calcerea Carbonica

This treatment is derived from oyster shells and can help a specific group of people to lose weight. Calcerea Carbonica can help those that carry the bulk of their fat tissue in their middle region of abdomen. Those with a low metabolism may also find Calcerea Carbonica to be an effective treatment method.


Lycopodium is a very versatile treatment option. It proves to be useful when the thighs and buttock carry the most of a person’s excess fat. Apart from that, individuals that suffer from symptoms such as constipation or other such gastric issues may find that lycopodium treats the cause. Lycopodium can also prove effective for those who have put on weight as a result of hyopthyroidism.


This homeopathic option is most beneficial for the victims of depression. If depression has led to weight gain, ignatia can help you to heal. It can also help to curb cravings due to intense emotions and the consequent weight gain.

Nux Vomica

This treatment is recommended when excess weight has been the result of a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, if you suffer from constipation, nux vomica could be a good option for you. If you often feel cravings for alcoholic beverages, coffee, or other stimulants, nux vomica could be a good option.

Natrum Mur

Like lycopodium, if the excess fat tissue has concentrated itself at the thighs and buttocks, this can be an effective treatment method. If your weight gain has been brought on by depression or feelings of stress, this can help you to reduce those symptoms.

Homeopathic medicine can help you to lose weight as well as get you on the right track to a healthy life. Make an appointment today!