Home Painting and Wallpapering Tips


Remodeling, redecorating, and simple paint touch up are all great ways to improve the overall feeling and comfort in the interior your home. While the task can sometimes seem daunting, the reward in the end can be well worth the work put in. Home painting in Ann Arbor MI is a process that takes preparation and a well designed plan. If you plan on painting or wallpapering the interior of your home, the following tips and ideas can give you a realistic measure of what you will need to do to have a successful repainting or repapering projected started and completed.

First, consider the area in your home you need to paint or recover. Custom Home Painting in Ann Arbor MI can be simple if you give yourself a realistic estimate of how long the process is going to take you. Keep in mind that painting and wallpapering isn’t as simple as just painting or just hanging paper. These projects take preparation and detail.

Before beginning a project, the walls of the room need to be prepared. Old wallpaper may need to be removed. This process is not necessarily a matter of tearing away the old paper and gluing on the new. Often times the old paper will not tear off in a clean sheet. Water and sponges can be used to remove excess glue and paper that gets left behind. Make sure the walls are cleaned and smoothed before applying new paper.

Nail holes, damaged walls, and baseboards may need filling, sanding, or serious repair. If the existing damage is beyond what you can do yourself due to time or ability restraints, consider hiring a carpenter or repairman. Some paint companies have workers certified to perform these kinds of tasks, making your job less daunting.

After repairing any existing damage, all of the furniture or other items in the room should be moved out of the way to avoid spilling or damaging them in the redecorating process. Lay down plastic sheeting over carpeted areas and have an old wet towel or cloth on the ready if painting or gluing over a tiled area.

Home painting in Ann Arbor MIis ready to begin now that the area has been properly prepped and you are prepared. If existing colors need to stay on base boards or ceilings, you may want to use painting tape to avoid colors going over the lines that already exist.

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