Home Health Care in Washington, DC Helps Patients Manage Medications


According to recent data, prescription mistakes are the fifth largest cause of mortality among Americans over 65. But, perhaps the most pressing question is, why are there so many errors in the first place? There isn’t a single correct answer, but home health care in Washington, DC is there to help older patients manage all their medications.

Reasons for Medication Errors

A variety of circumstances can cause medication mistakes. Older folks use various drugs, each with its own set of dose and administration recommendations. With aging, mental acuity inevitably declines. When a person becomes ill or injured, they are frequently given new and unfamiliar drugs. The discharge instructions provided to the patient after a hospital stay might be unclear.

As a home health care provider, places such as Capital City Nurses have numerous patients with various medical issues. To treat various medical disorders, several different types of drugs are used.

In any event, when a large number of drugs are given, the risk of mistakes and harmful interactions and reactions increases. As our population ages and more beneficial treatments are created, managing these medications will become increasingly important.

How the Program Works

Home health care in Washington, DC can differ significantly, but the general approach is the same. An assessment will be performed at your home by a home health RN. The nurse will compile a list of all your drugs during the examination, including dose and administration instructions.

After that, the home health nurse will create a home health care plan of care and prescription list. The main physician will verify the correctness of the drugs and their directions for use. A strategy for taking your medicine correctly will be included in your treatment plan.

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