Holiday Window Shopping the Storefronts in Washington, D.C. — a Holiday Tradition to Treasure!


There’s nothing quite like the experience of holiday window shopping in a big city, especially during the Christmas season. Strolling along the bustling sidewalks, shoulder to shoulder with other shoppers, pausing occasionally to look up at the displayed merchandise in the storefront windows gets you in the mood for all of the festivities to come. The Storefronts in Washington, D.C. always do such a nice job of decorating, and often the streets are decorated as well, and sometimes you can even hear holiday music playing. It’s nice to grab a pastry and coffee and just be part of the mass of humanity that shares shopping as one of its primary holiday activities. It makes you feel elegant and grown up to window shop during the holidays!

Have you ever wondered what on earth those poor stores do when something happens to shatter those gigantic plate glass windows? One can only imagine, but it must happen. Things fall, cars go off track, and then, sadly, there are the vandals of the world who turn their creativity and spend their energy on dreaming up various ways of being destructive. The fact is, those exquisite spans of glass do occasionally get damaged and broken, and are in need of repair. It’s a bit mind boggling just imagining how to clean glass so tall and wide: who on earth is able to replace glass so large?

Beltway Auto and Plate Glass is who! In addition to auto and residential glass needs, with which we’re all more familiar, the folks at Beltway Glass are the pros with the know how and experience who can actually install and, when needed, repair and replace the plate glass windows in those posh Storefronts in Washington, D.C. In fact, they’ve been doing so for over 40 years!

It’s not a stretch to say we owe Beltway Auto and Plate Glass a big thanks for all that they’ve done behind the scenes to provide us our dreamy holiday window shopping tradition. Were it not for their hard work, we’d all be reduced to simply sitting at home in our pajamas and scrolling the online sales, looking at pictures of merchandise instead of dressing up for the experience of window shopping the real thing, so elegantly displayed behind such magnificent glass windows!