Hispanic Food Distribution in Pennsylvania Offers Authentic Mexican Food and Supplies

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Tortillas have been a staple in Spanish diets for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. There are variations depending on the specific culture, but a flat round disk is the standard type. Though the ingredients may vary depending on what is abundant in a region, the two most common types of tortillas are corn and flour.

Corn tortillas are the traditional type of tortilla, as corn is believed to have originated in Mexico and abundantly used as many as 12,000 years ago. Today the corn tortilla remains a staple in Mexican diets and has a place on the table of just about every meal. Though some Mexican restaurants still insist on making their own tortillas, most of them rely on Hispanic Food Distribution in Pennsylvania area to provide them with authentic restaurant quality tortillas without all the hard work.

Flour tortillas may not be the traditional type, but they’re still considered to be considered a type of ethnic cuisine. Flour tortillas have now become so mainstream in America; however, that Hispanic Food Distribution in Pennsylvania sales of flour tortillas now surpasses that of almost every other type of bread except sliced white bread. Americans have taken flour tortilla versatility to a whole new level. From tacos to breakfast burritos and sandwich wraps, it seems like almost every restaurant has something wrapped in a flour tortilla on the menu.

Tortilla size can vary depending on what purpose it serves in the final dish. Small corn tortillas are often cut into triangles and become tortilla chips as well as being used in place of bread at many tables. Flour tortillas excel at being stuffed with various ingredients because they are pliable and stretchy when warm. Because of this they can be seen in quite a few different sizes, from small taco size to big huge discs that are used for burritos. While the way many Americans use tortillas may not be quite traditional, it is good for Hispanic Food Distribution companies, which supply many Mexican food service establishments with their food and kitchen supplies. A top quality distributor like Best Mexican Foods has the food items that are tasty enough to go mainstream but with traditional taste and ideals.