Hiring Trusts Lawyers In Chicago, IL For Estate Planning


In Chicago, a trust is an establishment in which funds from a benefactor are transferred to a new owner at the time of the original owner’s death. The purpose of these trusts are to allot a specific amount for inheritance, cover the cost of a child’s college education, or to reduce the value of an estate. If you would like to create a trust, you should contact Trusts Lawyers in Chicago IL at the law offices of David Blocher now.

How to Create a Trust Fund

First, determine whether or not the trust will be managed by an executor who is within your family or someone representing a specific agency of choice. An attorney can perform this duty if appointed to ensure that the funds are distributed as listed in a will or another authorization. This individual can uphold any provisions that were applied to the trust fund such as a limit for disbursement on an annual basis.

Understanding Tax Implications

The value of funds removed from the trust fund will determine the taxes paid by the recipient. An attorney can help you determine whether or not you should divide the funds among more than one trust to reduce these liabilities for your family. He or she can also provide you with information about insurance that is needed to protect this asset.

Common Provisions for Trusts

When the trust is established for the future care of a child, the owner can make provisions to protect their interests. The provisions could prevent the child from acquiring any of the funds before he or she reaches a specific age. They could also prevent a guardian or care giver from tampering with these funds without direct permission from the child.

Trust funds are an option for anyone who wishes to reduce the overall value of their estate. It is also a beneficial option for transferring ownership of property without suffering high-tax implications. An attorney practicing in estate planning can help with these concepts to ensure that your family is protected. If you wish to begin this process, contact Trusts Lawyers in Chicago IL today and schedule an appointment.