Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Birmingham, AL Will Benefit Your Case


If someone else has caused damage to you or someone you love, you may have no other option except to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Birmingham, AL. After all, you shouldn’t have to be responsible for medical bills that someone else has caused. For example, if you were attacked by your next door neighbour’s dog, your neighbour would be held accountable for your medical expenses. Maybe you have the opinion that it’s not really a big deal. It’s only a dog bite. What you may not realize is that if the dog has rabies, you are going to have a lot of problems. It’s best to hold your neighbour accountable for the actions of their dog and contact an attorney today.

Of course, this isn’t something that happens every day. Because of this, you probably don’t really know where to begin. If this sounds familiar, you can contact The Law Offices of Forstman Cutchen. They will help you to get started. You will want to bring with you any medical bills that you may have due to this dog bite. This way, your attorney will have a better idea as to how much money you are asking for. It will also benefit your case because he will have actual numbers that he can put in front of the judge so that the judge will agree to award you this money.

The entire process is very complicated and also very frustrating. Of course, your neighbour isn’t going to agree to give you a check because they probably don’t have it. However, this isn’t your problem. In some cases, their homeowner’s insurance may even have to step in and take care of it. The most important thing for you to remember is that you shouldn’t pay anything out of your own pocket. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Birmingham, AL as soon as you possibly can. This way, you can get through this process and get the money that you deserve. If you missed work due to the dog bite, you can also ask for lost wages. The possibilities are endless when you have an attorney on your side.