Hiring A Nursing Home Law Lawyer In Rockland County, NY To File A Claim

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A Nursing Home Law Lawyer in Rockland County, NY provides you with effective legal representation when you discover that your senior loved one has fallen victim to nursing home abuse. Typical signs are unexplainable bruises, bedsores, and irritation from inconsistent changing of incontinence products. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a frequent occurrence in nursing facilities, especially those that are understaffed.

Nursing Home Abuse and Your Loved Ones

When choosing a nursing home for your loved one, the last thing you expect is to discover that the chosen facility will ultimately cause them to become injured due to abuse. At any time that there are signs of nursing home abuse it is paramount for you to schedule a doctor’s appointment for your loved one for a full examination. This examination will present evidence of injuries. Your next step is to contact an attorney and schedule a consultation during which you will provide this evidence to your selected attorney. The attorney reviews this evidence and assist you in filing a claim. Once it is determined that your loved one was abused you should remove him or her from the nursing facility immediately.

Local Attorney

Rockland Injury Law presents you with assistance in filing a claim against the nursing facility and the staff members who abused your senior loved one. The attorneys within this law firm will assist you in gathering evidence in order to present an indisputable claim against them. This includes medical records that detail all injuries sustained by your loved one. The attorneys will also acquire any witness testimony whenever possible from individuals who saw your loved one sustain these injuries. To hire either Jeffrey M. Adams or Reuven Epstein as your attorney contact their law offices or visit their website at rockland-injurylaw.com.


Your preferred Nursing Home Law Lawyer in Rockland County, NY assists you in file lawsuit against the nursing facility in which your loved ones was abused. He or she will present you with the necessary steps for heightening awareness within the public to prevent this abuse from continuing in the future. With a lawsuit against a nursing home, you expose the mistreatment of other seniors as well as your loved one and give other victims the courage to speak up and seek counsel.

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