Hiring A Drug Offense Lawyer In Burlington To Present You

Lawyers and Law Firms

A Defense Attorney Anacortes is committed to proving the innocence of individuals accused of criminal charges. Your selected attorney reviews all evidence presented by the prosecution and devises a strategy to discredit this evidence in court. The prosecution must present a solid case to secure a conviction. Your attorney’s main objective is to prevent a conviction by presenting reasonable doubt and sharing your side to the judge and the jury.

Convincing Twelve

Through criminal-defense proceedings, it is necessary to convince twelve members of the jury that it is probable that you were not involved in this crime. Your attorney can achieve this objective by eliminating the credibility of the prosecution’s evidence. In order to discredit this evidence your attorney must present evidence that contradicts the prosecutor’s case against you.

Additional Investigations

A skilled criminal defense attorney will not leave your case to a battle of one individual’s word over another. Your attorney will launch an investigation into the crime in which you are accused to present further contradicting evidence to the judge and the jury. The first course of action is to establish an alibi for the time frame in which the crime occurred. Next your attorney must present evidence that presents reasonable doubt.

Local Defense Attorney

Powers and Costeck possess skills in criminal defense that will enable you to present your side of the story to the judge and jury. These attorneys have utilized defense strategies throughout their careers to obtain acquittals in a multitude of criminal cases. These cases range from moving violations to capital murder cases. To hire either attorney as your legal counsel you should contact their local office and schedule an appointment immediately following your arrest.


Criminal-defense cases require an attorney with a specific skill set to discredit detrimental evidence that could enable the prosecution in achieving a conviction. It is through this understanding of the law that your selected attorney can present a viable argument and have the charges against you dropped. The first mission of a skilled defense attorney is to determine the strength of the prosecution’s evidence and plan strategies to prevent a conviction.