Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Albuquerque, NM To Escape Domestic Violence


A Divorce Lawyer Albuquerque NM offers services that are necessary within a divorce case. These services may include petitioning for sole custody of your children or acquiring a protection order from your spouse. In contested divorce cases, the probable risks associated will present you with the need to legally protect yourself and your children. Marriages in which domestic violence or other detrimental crimes are present require immediate legal action. If you are a victim, you should contact your preferred divorce attorney today.

Escaping Abuse

Victims of domestic violence often live with the misconception that the abuse will one-day stop, and their spouse will become a different person. This misconception leads to death in some cases. Abusive spouses do not change regardless of what promises are made. If you are in an abusive marriage and are ready to escape, contact your preferred divorce attorney immediately.

Abusive spouses often threaten their victims. They lead them to believe that if they leave this spouse may harm other people in their families or even their children. This threat becomes their method of controlling you. What you should realize, however, is that new laws that apply to domestic violence are stricter than ever before. Through these new laws, your attorney and local law enforcement agencies can protect you and your loved ones from harm. You can file for a divorce and escape this abuse.

Local Divorce Attorneys

The Carter and Valle Law Firm will assist you in filing for divorce. These attorneys are aware of probable circumstances within a divorce case and will guide you through these situations. The attorneys are familiar with the need for protection and restraining orders that are sometimes necessary in these cases. To consult an attorney within this law firm, you may contact them locally and set up an appointment.


Your Divorce Lawyer Albuquerque NM guides you through necessary steps to achieve an amicable dissolution of your marriage. However, you should inform your attorney of any probable risks associated with filing your divorce. For instance, marriage where domestic abuse is present may require you to acquire a protection order. By securing this order from the judge any attempted contact by your spouse is a criminal act and is punishable through the legal system.