Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer In Wichita, KS To Find A Debt Solution

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You discover methods for preventing foreclosure and seizure by hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Wichita, KS. As an individual, you have the option to file bankruptcy to reorganizes your debts. As a business owner you could choose to liquidate some of your assets to eliminate debt. By consulting your preferred attorney, you can discover which choices are most beneficial to your financial circumstances and may present an effective solution.

Finding a Solution

Bankruptcy provides you with options for reducing and eliminating your debts. By filing a claim you can include most if not all of your debts into this payment solution. Debts such as credit cards that have been charged off are in most cases eligible for discharge. To establish which debts are eligible for discharge you should consult your attorney.

Negotiating a Settlement

Your bankruptcy attorney will review your credit history and establish which debts are most likely eligible for inclusion in your bankruptcy claim. He or she can discuss your debts with your creditors and negotiate a settlement. This could lower your overall debts significantly, as the new balances will be included in your bankruptcy claim.

Discharged Debts

The judge presiding over your case will determine which debts are eligible for discharge. Once he or she makes this final decision the debt is resolved. However, it is up to your creditors to decide if they wish their account to be included in your bankruptcy claim.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Wichita, KS

The Case, Moses, and Zimmerman Law Firm presents several debt-relief choices for individuals and businesses. These solutions empower both individuals and business owners to take control over their finances and eliminate debt entirely. To discuss these solutions with an attorney at this law firm, contact them locally and schedule an appointment.


It is beneficial to hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Wichita, KS for file your bankruptcy claim. This attorney comprehends methods that will eliminate debts and find more optimistic solutions that will enable you to remain in your home and keep your automobile. As a business owner, you may file a bankruptcy claim and continue to operate your business. This options requires that you liquidate some business-related assets to pay off your debts.