Hiring An Accident Attorney In Bel Air For A Premises Liabilities Case


9522883_lWith an Accident Attorney in Bel Air you have the chance to present your case to a judge. An attorney will record all of the details related to your personal injury case and produce a solid injury claim to assist you in seeking monetary damages for your injury. When you are injured within a public location such as a department store, you have the right to file a claim when the store manager fails to follow proper safety guidelines. If you were injured due to a premises liability, you should contact Seigel, Tully, and Furrer to initiate the litigation process.

Premises Liabilities and Your Rights

Publicly accessible locations such as department stores are required to follow safety standards at all times. A failure in complying with these standards could result in a customer-related injury. When a customer is injured due to these failures, it is the responsibility of the store manager to report this injury to the store’s insurance provider to file a claim. Unfortunately, some managers fail to comply with these guidelines and place the store owner in actionable territory.

Local Accident Attorneys

The Seigel, Tully and Furrer Law Offices are your first point of contact after sustaining an injury due to a premises liability. They understand the guidelines for filing a claim based on injuries sustained in public areas such as department stores, parks, and at live events. These attorneys can assist you in filing a claim against the owner of the property based on a failure to compensate you for your injuries and provide coverage for medical treatment. To hire an attorney within this law firm to assist you with a premises liability case, call them locally at the number listed on their website.


Your Accident Attorney in Bel Air is well-versed in premises liabilities cases. These attorneys understand which individuals are responsible when accidents occur in publicly accessible locations. For instance, if you are injured due to a slip or fall within a department store, the store manager is responsible for filing a claim to ensure that you receive medical coverage for your injuries. If he or she fails to comply with these guidelines you may have a viable injury claim against them and the owner of the store. To learn more about premises liabilities and your rights visit Stflawyers.com.