Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney in Dallas for Your First Filing


As a person unable to work due to a medical condition, the most important first step you can take is to hire Social Security disability attorney in Dallas. Filing for SSD is not simple. It involves providing a variety of key information to the SSA to allow them to process your claim and to rule that you are disabled and unable to work. However, nearly 80 percent of people who file for SSD receive a denial their first time. Sometimes, it can take several attempts. With an attorney, you get the best first decision possible.

Choosing an Attorney to Rely On

When you hire a Social Security disability attorney in Dallas, he or she will provide key information to you, help you to gather the proper information and documentation from your doctors, and guide you in filing the paperwork properly. Keep in mind that even a small mistake or bit of information will result in the claim being denied. You do not want that to happen.

With the help of a Social Security disability attorney in Dallas, you get one on one help and guidance through the entire process. This includes the initial paperwork but also for follow up when the SSA calls with questions. If you receive a denial, you will still gain support through the process of working through appeals. With this help, you have peace of mind during the entire claims process, knowing you are getting the right information to the SSA.