Hiring A Service To Do Fence Repair in Christiansburg VA


When a dog owner discovers their wooden fence has been compromised by their pet, taking steps to do appropriate Fence Repair in Christiansburg VA becomes necessary if they wish to keep their dog contained. There are several steps that a dog owner can take to help keep their pet from scratching or biting at a wooden fence in the future. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Use A Barrier On The Fence’s Interior

To help train a dog to stop causing damage to a wooden fence, consider adding a barrier to the interior portions. Affix sheet metal pieces to the bottom few feet of fencing planks. These pieces are not visible from the exterior side, making them great tools to use for training purposes. Keep these in place for a few weeks before removing a few pieces. Observe the dog’s behavior and continue to remove pieces of sheet metal a little at a time if the pet is not attempting to damage the wood of the fence.

Use An Interior Perimeter Fence Temporarily

A fence within a fence may be helpful in stopping poor behavior in dogs. Many people find that electronic fencing works well at teaching dogs where their boundaries are upon their property. Place electronic fencing a foot or two from the interior perimeter walls of the wooden fence. In time, the electronic fencing can be removed.

Treat The Fence With A Safe Protectant

A fencing service will apply a coating of protectant on all wooden pieces of a fence at the time it is installed. This type of agent can also be applied after the fence has been in place if needed. Make sure the product used does not have any harmful ingredients before application. A clear coat will keep the fencing looking shiny and new while helping to keep gnaw marks or scratches at bay. Reapply this type of coating each year to give the fence continuous protection.

Contacting a service that does Fence Repair in Christiansburg VA is necessary when wood damage is present. Call Sam Fencing today to make an appointment for an evaluation. You can also visit them on Facebook.