Hiring A Lawn Treatment Service in Wellington, Florida

Pest Control

When someone has mosquitoes present in their yard, it is likely they will want to take necessary steps to have them eliminated. Most people will hire a Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida to assist in the removal of these pesky insects. In addition, try the following steps to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Use Scent To Eliminate Pests

Mosquitoes tend to stay away from the scent of citronella. Lighting citronella candles in areas where people will be frequenting can help to keep the number of mosquitoes at a minimum. These candles come in torch or bucket form, making them safe to extinguish and leave outdoors when they are not in use. They can then be reused the next time someone decides to spend time outdoors. Using an insect repellent will also be helpful.

Remove Moisture From The Property

Mosquitoes will congregate in areas where moisture is present. It is important to remove standing water from a property to help keep these insects from using moisture for breeding. Pouring water from kids’ swimming pools after they are used, covering fountains at times they are not running, and removing standing water from containers or old tires can be helpful in keeping the mosquito population on a property from increasing.

Use Pest Control Agents Regularly

The application of pest control agents to a yard can be beneficial in minimizing the number of mosquitoes that stick around a property. These agents can be dispersed using a sprayer, or a granular agent can be sprinkled upon a lawn. A Lawn Treatment Service in Wellington Florida can also be contacted to come to the home on a routine basis to keep a lawn treated as necessary.

Keep The Property Maintained

Taking time to cut the lawn regularly will help to keep mosquitoes from sticking around a property. Since these insects like shaded areas, cutting back tree limbs and shrubbery will also aid in making a property less attractive to these pests.

When there is a desire to remove mosquitoes from a property, using a Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida is an important step in accomplishing this task. Contact Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida today to find out more.