Hiring A Car Accident Attorney In Freeport For A Personal Injury Claim

Law Lawyers

A Car Accident Attorney in Freeport should become your first point of contact after an accident. Your preferred attorney can get legal proceeding started while you recover from your injuries. He or she will build a credible case based on the evidence and the laws that apply to personal injuries in your local district. It is these laws that will enable you to receive the compensation that you deserve.

The Basics of Litigation

A lawsuit enables you to sue any individual who has caused you any form of injury. In most areas, these tort laws are upheld and allow victims to prevent further injury due to physical or emotional means. It is through the civil litigation process that your attorney may file a claim based on your belief that someone has wronged you. In terms of automobile accidents, it is probable to suffer both physical and emotional injuries.

Emotionally-based Injuries

In wrongful-death lawsuits, a portion of the claim may consist of emotional distress based on the loss of the loved one. This reasoning is prominent in cases where a minor child losses one or both parents, and in cases where a child dies due to injuries sustained. Wrongful-death relates to most accidental deaths in which murder was not the intention.

This does apply to cases where the other driver was intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance. In legal proceedings, regardless of intent, any driver who gets behind the wheel while impaired runs the risk of being charged with a criminal offense. Accidental shootings are another form of accidental death that are prominent reasons for wrongful-death lawsuits associated with criminal charges.

Your Rights

Within these form of tort laws, you have the right to file a legal claim for damages and monetary awards based on the severity of the injuries. This includes regaining lost wages due to your inability to return promptly to work after your accident. In civil litigation, your attorney will calculate an appropriate settlement amount that is included in the lawsuit when it is filed with the court. Your Car Accident Attorney in Freeport will review this amount and terms of the lawsuit with you before submitting it.