Hire a Roofing Contractor in Naples, FL to Install and Maintain a Roof


6628811_xlNaples, Florida is hit with many high-wind storms and even hurricanes on a regular basis. It’s important for people who live in that region to hire Roofing in Naples, FL contractors who know which materials work best under these extreme conditions. In addition to selecting the proper materials, they also have to know how to install them to withstand high winds. When customers call National Roofing of Collier Inc. they can talk to knowledgeable contractors who are skilled at both repairing and installing new roofs. They can also inspect roofs for insurance claims and prior to a real estate sale.

Roofs last so long that customers often aren’t sure what their options are when they need a new one. While they may have always had basic asphalt shingles, there are many other materials available today. Eco-friendly shingles are made from recycled materials and contain a special coating to repel the sun’s rays that cause heat. In sunny and warm climates such as Florida this can reduce warm weather cooling costs by about 20 percent. Other customers may be interested in using tiles to complement the Spanish influence of their Florida home. A new durable metal roof can often be placed right over an existing roof. An experienced Roofing in Naples, FL contractor can meet with the customer to review their options and the cost associated with each. The first meeting is free.

Once the roof has been installed, it’s important that it be inspected and maintained properly. This ensures that the contractor will find problems when they are small and easily fixed. It will also protect the warranty. The average warranty for asphalt shingles is between 10 and 20 years, however metal roofs can have a warranty of up to 50 years. Some homeowners think that they can just have a roof installed and forget about it. This is not the case. They should have a professional Roofing in Naples contractor inspect the roof after the most active weather season. In Florida, this would be after the hurricane season is over. The roofer should also make sure that the gutter is properly attached to the roof and downspouts and that there are no leaks.