Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Work Comp in Minneapolis Claim?


If you are hurt on the job and need to file a work comp in Minneapolis claim, two of your initial questions will likely be, “Do you really need a lawyer?” and “If you do, how much will their services cost?” When you are in a situation where you are hurt while working, you will likely file a claim without the services of an attorney to the State Board of Workers Compensation. It is important to understand that you, or your lawyer, are the only ones that can file this claim.

If you choose to represent yourself without the services of a lawyer, it will not be a simple process. There are specific steps that must be followed, forms that must be filed properly and the evidence has to be presented to the Judge within the time limits that have been outlined. If you do not meet all of the requirements, the Judge over your case can actually dismiss your entire case, or even deny your entire work comp in Minneapolis request.

Not hiring an attorney may mean that you are losing extremely valuable rights and will likely fail to recover the benefits that you are actually entitled to receive. If you continue to proceed without an attorney, you need to ensure that the proper forms are used. However, if you make the decision to hire a lawyer, this should be a decision you give ample consideration, as you need to ensure the one you choose has the experience and training to represent your case successfully.

Another major concern for people trying to obtain workers compensation benefits is how much the attorney will cost if they choose to hire one. In accordance to laws regarding workers compensation, a lawyer is unable to collect any fees from you unless they successfully recover the income benefits on your behalf. The amount of a fee that is able to be collected is also subject to being approved. This is extremely beneficial, due to the fact that you can secure the legal representation that you need, and not have to worry about paying fees unless your case is successful.