Hire an Exterior Painter to Improve a Home’s Appearance


A home’s exterior will make or break a first impression. A clean and finished exterior are pleasing to the eye. Over time, the exterior paint will deteriorate and make the home look dingy and worn out. Whether you want to keep your home looking fresh for yourself and your neighbourhood or you’re planning to move, a new coat of paint will improve your home’s visual appeal. An Exterior Painter in Columbus will use quality paint to ensure your home continues to look its best for years to come.

An exterior paint job may continue to look nice for years. However, the actual duration may vary with paint quality, weather conditions, and the type of material used for the exterior of a home. Poor-quality paint or painting a surface that is not properly prepared will result in covering that may only last a couple of years. A paint job that is done correctly can last up to ten years. Wood materials may need to be repainted more frequently. Stucco material in moderate climates will hold paint well.

Painting a home has additional benefits of protecting the exterior from weather damage, improving curb appeal, and even raising property values. The harsh effects of sun, rain, snow, and ice may cause paint to wear. If the paint is worn, the home is not protected. Wood may become weathered, cracked, and even begin to rot. Metal materials may begin to rust with exposure to the elements. Stucco may also deteriorate in the weather and begin to flake. A home with a maintained exterior will stand out in a good way. Viewers will be drawn to the home. If the owners are preparing to move, buyers will be more likely to show an interest. Homes with maintained exteriors will sell for more than comparable homes with exteriors that look run down.

An Exterior Painter will prepare the surface to make sure the paint adheres properly. Quality paint, in combination with proper priming, will provide your home with a long-lasting finish that will also serve to protect the home’s external materials. A beautiful exterior will improve the curb appeal of the home and even increase its market value. Contact JNG Painting & Decorating LLC to provide a quality finish for your home.