Hire a Family Attorney in Walker, MN When an Angry Spouse Makes False Abuse Allegations


As awareness of child molestation and other forms of abuse increases, reports are becoming more frequent. While most reports are made to protect children, not all are substantiated. In some cases, false allegations are intentionally made to cause harm to a subject, such as in an acrimonious divorce or custody battle. When someone finds themselves facing false allegations, they must take immediate action by hiring an attorney in Walker, MN. Below are some things to consider when fighting these allegations.

What to Do

  • Try to prevent false allegations by avoiding being around the children without another adult. Any potential target can lessen the likelihood of these charges by having others around when they’re near the children.
  • Try to resolve custody matters in an amicable way to avoid the chance of an angry ex-spouse using these allegations to get custody.
  • Avoid conduct that could be considered inappropriate in the presence of children, such as aggressive horseplay or off-color jokes.
  • Hire a lawyer right away. Even if one believes that the accusations will be retracted, it’s important to consult a lawyer who knows the issues and can protect the client’s rights.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t engage in conduct that could be seen as emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.
  • Don’t create situations that could cause suspicions, such as helping a child in the bathtub or changing room. In these cases, it’s best for another adult to be around to prevent wrongful interpretations of the circumstances.
  • Don’t passively react to false accusations.
  • Don’t be reluctant to ask a lawyer questions before hiring and as the case progresses.
  • Don’t admit to anything, even if it seems simpler to take this step. An abuse conviction has severe implications on custody issues and the parent’s personal life.

Get a Case Review from a Local Lawyer

Parents falsely accused of abusing their children are likely to have many questions. Since false accusations can be devastating, they should allow legal experts to help them. A family attorney in Walker, MN with the right experience and background can provide a free case review and help the person form an action plan. Visit the firm or call to schedule a consultation.