Here’s How to Know If Your Child is Ready for a Loft Bed in Green Bay


Loft beds in Green Bay, WI, can often act as the best space savers around. However, loft beds aren’t made for every kid. This article will teach you a few things that you should keep in mind before you decide to buy a loft bed for your child.

Space Needs

Most parents use the space under loft beds in Green Bay, WI, for a desk. But if your child already has a desk or if they want one that is larger than the bed, then use the space underneath the bed for a bench where your kid can read. You can also use the bench for storage.


Children under the age of 6 should not have loft beds. But you also have to take maturity into consideration. Just because your child is 6 or above does not mean that they are ready for a loft bed. If you’re thinking of making this purchase, make clear that they can only use the bed for sleep or for reading books. Nothing else.

The Height Of Your Ceilings

Always measure your ceilings before you decide upon getting a loft bed for your child. You should have no more than 36 inches of available space between the bed and the ceiling. To make this work, your ceiling will need to be at least 100 inches off the ground. Slightly less can work if you decide to buy a thin mattress.

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