Here are Three Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters in Eugene

Home Improvement

Most people don’t have to think about their gutters on a daily basis. Even when it rains, it’s easier to enjoy the pattering of water on the roof than to think about all the water draining off of the house. While you don’t need to be constantly aware of your gutters, you should check in every so often to make sure there aren’t any problems. Here are three signs you need an expert in gutter installation in Eugene.

Peeling Paint

While peeling paint can be unsightly, it can also indicate larger problems with your home. Too much moisture can cause paint to peel, so if you’ve got a patch of peeling paint, you may have a leak.


If your gutters aren’t working correctly, rainwater may run down the sides of your house, causing rot and mold. The water can flow down and cause issues in your basement. You may not notice right away, but when the rot keeps your windows and doors from working correctly, one simple fix has already blown into an expensive problem.


The next time it rains, do a quick check for cracks. You’ll probably notice the bigger ones quickly, but some are nearly invisible without water. Also, make sure you’re checking where pieces join together since those seams tend to be weaker than other gutter areas.

If your gutters aren’t doing the job anymore, putting off replacements could damage your home and cost you thousands. Experts in gutter installation in Eugene can help you drain water properly and preserve your home for years to come.