Helping Others Have Children


Becoming an egg donor means that you can help a couple have children when they aren’t able to on their own. However, there might be a few questions that you have before you make a final decision. When you go to an egg donor clinic Jacksonville FL couples might use, you should know that the people who will receive your eggs are those who have tried other methods of having children with no success. Aside from couples, you could help single women or even men who want to start a family.

When you’re looking at an egg donor clinic Jacksonville FL offers, you need to do the proper research to ensure the procedure is safe and that it’s an accredited business. For most clinics, the process begins with an application that you complete that details your medical history and if you’ve had children in the past. Your family and personal history will usually be discussed as well as there are some recipients who want specific traits from the person who donates eggs. Once your application is complete, you’ll usually meet with a counselor and a doctor to ensure that you’re mentally and physically ready to donate.

You will be compensated for your donation. Medical screenings are usually performed at no charge to you along with other tests that are needed to determine if you’re healthy or not. It takes a few weeks to complete the process and to retrieve your eggs. Most cycles take about four weeks to complete in order to retrieve healthy eggs. When you go to the clinic for the actual donation, you’ll usually be there for a few hours. There are shots that you need to give yourself to stimulate your ovaries in order to produce more eggs that can be retrieved. Keep in mind that the entire process will benefit someone who can’t have children.

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