Helping Kids Enjoy Seeing Dentists in Birmingham, Alabama


Good oral hygiene must start as early in life as possible. However, it is the rare child who gets excited about brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist. With the rate that children’s teeth fall out and grow back, your child will need to visit the dentist at least 10 times before his or her first day of kindergarten. Here are a few tips for preparing kids and helping them feel comfortable visiting Dentists in Birmingham, Alabama.

The first step is to choose a dentist who enjoys working with children. Children can be challenging to deal with, especially when they’re tired or scared. It takes a special type of person to make kids feel comfortable and safe while having dental instruments stuck in their mouths and who has the patience to deal with uncooperative or fussy children. That’s why it’s best to work with a pediatric dentist like Dr. Michael S. Anglin. These dentists are specially trained to work on kids’ teeth and typically have the interpersonal skills needed to keep kids calm while they’re having dental work done.

When preparing for the dentist appointment, try to minimize fanfare and stress. Keep the details of the dental visit to a minimum. Kids are very imaginative and knowing what’s going to happen during the appointment can cause unnecessary anxiety. Making a big deal about the visit can also unintentionally cause stress. Treat the appointment like a normal thing and your child will follow suit. On a side note, kids can pick up on your emotions. If being around dentists makes you nervous, it’s probably best to have someone else take the kids to appointments so your anxiety doesn’t rub off on them.

If the child is very young, play a game of pretend dentist with the child before the visit. Doing a little positive role-playing can make a child more comfortable when they’re actually sitting in the chair. Use a mirror to show the child how the dentist may look at his or her teeth. Use a toothbrush to clean the teeth of a stuffed animal or doll. You can also purchase dentist-themed kids books and read it to them.