Helpful Tips for Shipping Artwork and Antiques

Transportation and Logistics

If you are planning to ship your artwork or your antiques, there is no question that the process can be a bit stressful. These items are usually very valuable and delicate, which means that the pieces have to be packed carefully and handled in a safe manner to ensure they arrive at their new destination intact. In addition to the tips found here, using a Designer Delivery Services in Los Angeles may be beneficial to ensure that your items arrive safely.

The Importance of Proper Packing

When it comes to antiques and artwork, chances are they are delicate and likely very valuable. This means that you need to take extra care and use the right materials and the right methods to both pack and then handle these items. Some tips to do this successfully include:

* Be sure that your antiques and artwork are cleaned prior to being packed and shipped.

* Do not ever use bubble wrap right on the surface of delicate wood or artwork. The bubbles may leave impressions and the plastic can cause the finish on antique furniture to be damaged.

* Choose the boxes you use carefully to ensure they are the right size. This will ensure that the items remain stationary while being shipped and help to prevent any type of damage. You should also purchase boxes specifically for antiques and fine art.

* Use protective tape for any glass frames. This can help to reinforce it if any outside pressure is exerted, which may prevent shattering and cracks.

* Any pieces that have a higher value, should be crated to ensure superior protection.

When you are dealing with any item that is valuable and fragile, such as antiques and artwork, it is smart to let the professionals handle the process. They understand how to prevent any type of damage to your items.

The Importance of Insurance

If you are shipping an item that is valuable, you need to be sure that you purchase additional insurance, in case something unfortunate occurs. If your art or antiques wind up being damaged or lost while being shipped, then you need to be sure to purchase insurance to make sure that you will receive adequate compensation. Prior to actually purchasing insurance, though, it may be a good idea to get the item appraised by a professional in the industry of art or antiques.

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