Help In Evaluating Shops For Prototype Machining


After countless months in the planning, designing, researching and modifying, your company is finally ready to submit the design to a prototype machining service. Choosing the right company of this important first step in moving from design to production is a make or break decision, and one that should be carefully considered.

Unfortunately, not choosing the right prototyping service can result in delays in the development of the prototype, which can put a significant strain on the Original Equipment Manufacturer, particularly for a startup company. It can also result in enough of a delay for a competitor to beat you to the market, which means you are starting out fighting an uphill battle rather than cornering the market.

Small Enough to Focus on Specifics

There are some companies offering prototype machining which have a very narrow focus. Others offer a wide range of services for multiple industries. Regardless of which type of company you choose, look for a company with a focus on customer support, satisfaction and attention to detail.

Smaller companies tend to be easier to work with for prototyping as they work closely with the OEM to understand the specific requirements for the part or component. This can be instrumental in troubleshooting designs and creating cost-effective options to move from prototyping to production.

Knows the Industry

It is extremely beneficial for the company completing the prototype machining to have a solid background in producing parts and components in your industry. This is particularly important in industries such as aerospace, automotive, food, and beverage production, manufacturing and even in packaging where tight tolerances and adherence to industry standards will be a critical consideration.

For many OEMs, having a machining service which can move seamlessly from prototyping to low or high-volume production will also be a point of consideration. This allows for quality control and scalability as the demand for the parts or components grow.