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Dealing with debt is stressful in many different ways. Scrambling to pay your bills and getting threatening calls and letters from your creditors can be overwhelming. If you have tried every method possible of taking care of your debt and are not finding relief, you may want to consider hiring one of the Bankruptcy Lawyers in Bremerton WA. This will allow you to learn about your rights for filing for bankruptcy, so you can make an informed decision on your financial situation. Through this information, you can learn which type of bankruptcy will best benefit your needs.

There are two types of bankruptcy your lawyer can help you with. Both of these types are available for individuals to file. Though it is your right to file for bankruptcy, it is important you are fully aware of your choices before you make a decision. Once you have filed for bankruptcy and been approved, you must stick with the stipulations of your filing status.

The first type you will be offered is called chapter 7. This bankruptcy requires you to sale all of your non-essential property, to pay off your debts. The law considers essential property to be your residential home, furniture and clothing. All other assets and property must be liquidated, to pay down your debt. This process is overseen by a court-appointed trustee, who handles all of the details of the liquidation process, by working with your creditors to pay down your debt and absolving you of some of the debts you owe. This process typically takes around six months to accomplish, depending on the amount of debt you owe and the property you own.

The second type of bankruptcy you will be offered is chapter 13. In this type, you are not required to sale any of your property, but you must make a payment to the court each month. This payment amount is based on your income and the amount of debts you owe. This ensures your debts are paid down during the bankruptcy period, which typically lasts from two to five years.

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