Heating Repair in Fort Collins Has Many Qualified Technicians Among the Companies


When the furnace stops working in the middle of the night, it less likley to be a cruel act on Mother Nature’s part than an oversight on the part of the homeowner. A furnace should have a yearly inspection by a certified technician. This will identify problems that can be fixed without waiting for the coldest night of the year. It is a good idea to identify a heating repair company that the homeowner would call if a problem arose without warning.

Avoiding checking the furnace means there are several parts of the furnace that could need to be repaired. There are many parts to a furnace that can be disruptive to the heating process so each needs to be working. The burners are removed and checked for cracks, and the flame is adjusted for efficient burning. The technician will clean the burner mounting location of all dust and debris. The parts which ignite the burners should be checked for proper functioning. The “high limit” sensor on the furnace is checked to ensure that it will prevent overheating. The fan motor should be oiled if the motor has oil ports, and the area that rotates the fan should be cleaned. The belts should be checked and replaced if they are cracked. If the flue is not attached properly to enurse that no carbon monoxide gas can escape, then this must be done before the furnace is turned on. The heating repair in Fort Collins will have a technician that you can check out before the season begins.

The thermostat should be tested if it is a thermostat that controls the heat at different temperatures throughout the day and night. Controlling the indoor temperature is a function of a operating thermostat. It communicates to the furnace when more or less heat is needed. A Heating Repair in Fort Collins should check the fan motor by assessing if it is running as it should. A technician will use an Ohm meter. All of the wiring connection should be checked. The heat can, on occasion, ruin the insulation and short the wire.

There are other parts that can be checked before the furnace is considered to be in good working order. It is a good investment to hire a technician to make sure that the furnace is in going to keep you warm. Tri-City Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.