Heat Transfer Products in Illinois: Heat Transfer Products and Methods


Heat transfer directly affects your vehicle’s performance, engine durability, and emissions as well as the packaging, design, fatigue, and material choice of your vehicle’s components. Heat transfer mechanisms play a vital role in the vehicle’s reduction of losses. Cooling systems utilize combustion, heat pipes, tape, tube, radiator, and fins to help in cooling in an intelligent way.

What Is Heat Transfer?

Heat transfer is the way that your heating or cooling system moves hotter air to a colder area. The way that it is moved will affect your vehicle’s overall health and the lifespan of certain components.

Heat Transfer Products

Heat transfer products in Illinois typically include anything that helps keep your car comfortable, cool, and running efficiently. Heat transfer products include everything from radiators to charge air coolers, oil coolers, air conditioning condensers, coolant tubes, and everything in between.

Maintaining your heat transfer products is the number-one way that you can ensure the health of your vehicle. Just as people do, a vehicle needs certain things to survive. Healthy and well-functioning heat transfer products are one of those things that your car absolutely needs to run efficiently and maximize its intended lifespan. Click here for more info.

Types of Heat Transfer

Heat transfer products and methods within vehicles can be broken down into three major categories:

  • Conduction is the method in which heat is transferred to solid surrounding materials. This is achieved through heat’s means of traveling from particle to particle.
  • Convection is a method of heat transfer in which the atoms or molecules of gas or liquids move in a circular motion.
  • Radiation is a method of heat transfer in which infrared waves are able to transfer heat with the use of a medium.

These heat transfer methods describe basic Illinois heat transfer products and how they work with your air conditioning system as well as the vehicle’s interior.