Hearing Aids Can Benefit More Than Just the Elderly

Health And Fitness

When it comes to hearing aids most people are resistant to the idea in general, believing they are for people of advanced age. Yet, if you stop and consider that society is in an age where headphones or earbuds are commonly used for music and other media, it comes as no surprise that one out of five Americans ages twelve and up suffer with hearing loss. In fact, hearing loss is one of the most common health conditions in the United States effecting nearly 50 million individuals. What’s more, despite these staggering numbers only around 20% of individuals who need hearing aids actually wear them on a regular basis if at all.

Struggling to Hear Can Impair Your Brain Functions

Aside from the obvious effects of impaired hearing, the choice to forego the use of hearing aids can affect several other areas of your life as well. Communication for example is a key feature in everyone’s life, without it any number of relationships can begin to suffer. Beyond that, its is wise to consider the effect that hearing impairment can have on your career. This is not only because you may miss important instruction, but also because of the additional effects it can have on your brain. When you are struggling to hear someone, your brain is working overtime just to keep up with the conversation. While doing so it is not properly engaging the area of your brain that is responsible for retaining the information.

State of the Art Hearing Solutions from Your Local Audiologists

What the point of struggling to keep up with a conversation, if you’re not going to remember the important details? Technology is always advancing, and technological hearing solutions are no different. The hearing aids of 20 years ago are not the same as the more discrete versions available today. If you are interested in learning more about hearing aids in Tulsa, contact the professionals at The Scholl Center for help. They can assist you in finding the perfect hearing solution for you and your life.