Healing After Lasik Eye Surgery in Dearborn, MI


Lasik surgery can help patients see better, often eliminating the need for glasses or contacts entirely. While the surgery itself is very quick, it takes a while to heal. Read on to find out about how to ensure proper healing after Lasik Eye Surgery in Dearborn, MI.

The First Day

Most patients experience some discomfort immediately following their surgeries, though few experience significant pain. Patients must rest their eyes for two to four hours after getting home and should avoid strenuous activities for the first day. They should also protect their eyes with sunglasses while outdoors and wear eye shields at night.

The First Week

Most patients report foggy vision for a short period following Lasik Eye Surgery in Dearborn, MI. Other common symptoms include excessive tearing, and increased light sensitivity. All these symptoms should decrease within a week, during which time patients should avoid rubbing their eyes and applying eye makeup. The doctor will recommend using eye creams to help prevent infections.

The First Month

Patients should avoid contact sports for the first month following Lasik surgery. They should also avoid hot tubs and whirlpools, although most surgeons give the okay to swim with goggles after one to two weeks.

The First Three to Six Months

Most discomfort and vision changes will go away within the first week, but that doesn’t mean patients’ eyes are completely healed. Those with severe myopia may not heal completely for three to six months. Attend all follow-up visits with the eye doctor during this time to monitor vision changes and ocular health.

Learn More Today

Not all nearsighted or farsighted patients are good candidates for Lasik surgery. The best way for patients to determine if this procedure is right for them is to schedule an appointment with an eye surgeon. You can learn more about Eye Surgery Institute by visiting their website at http://www.eyesurgeryinstitute.com.