Having Dental Implants Installed During Oral Surgery in Annapolis


Teeth are essential for chewing and, if missing, not only will digestive problems occur but other issues like bone malformations in the jaw and early facial aging will show up. The replacement of teeth is now reaching a high degree of perfection with dental implants, mimicking the structure of the tooth (the root and crown) and allowing very natural rehabilitation. Today, the success of implants is over 95% and the few failures that occur are usually related to poor bone quality, the presence of infection or due to tobacco use. However, even in those cases, you may return to reposition the implant, obtaining results very close to 100%. Going to see a dentist who specializes in oral surgery in Annapolis is vital if you want the smile you always dreamed of.

Benefits of Advances in Dental Implantology

All oral surgery procedures are likely to be performed under intravenous sedation, an anesthetic that keeps the patient in a state very close to sleep and with a high degree of relaxation so that, once complete, the patient can leave the clinic on their own feet. The other technique that has become synonymous with implantation is a computer guided surgery, which involves the placement of dental implants using a system produced by a computer, allowing no breaks in the patient’s gums.

The advantages for the patient are easily recognizable. Injuries should not occur and there is virtually no pain or inflammation postoperatively. The procedure is relatively very comfortable and you are able to lead a normal life from day one after the Oral surgery in Annapolis. But without doubt, the most important advantage of computer-guided surgery is the safety of the implant placement. It is done very accurately to ensure pinpoint placement. This allows accurate planning for attaching the prosthesis to the implant. Finally, this technique allows implant placement where there is little bone to work with. It allows the dentist to search and exploit all areas of the jaw, which would be almost impossible without this technology.

Thanks to these advances, there is virtually no case where a dental implant cannot be placed, allowing all patients who have lost one or more teeth to avoid traditional dentures and choose a better option. If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, contact Annapolis Dental Associates today.