Have Your Oil Changed and Coolant Checked Regularly in Gilbert, AZ


If you suspect or a mechanic has told you that your car’s engine is damaged, you may be worried. You may wonder how much it will cost to have it repaired and how long you will be without your vehicle. Here are a few ways that you can prevent engine damage.

Visiting a mechanic near Gilbert, AZ, to have regular oil changes is an essential part of keeping your car on the road. An oil change will ensure that all the parts in the engine are well lubricated. This means they will work properly and will prevent overheating. As oil burns, the oil levels in the engine will drop. Sludge can build up, which can do damage the engine. Leaving an engine left unchecked is asking for major engine repairs.

Something else that you can have done when you visit a mechanic near Gilbert, AZ, is to have the cooling system checked and repaired. This is going to prevent the engine from overheating. When an engine overheats, permanent damage can be done. The engine coolant level should be checked regularly by you and should be topped off according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you notice that the coolant has no color or is a rusty color or if there is debris present in the coolant, you need to have it changed by a professional.

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