Have You Got Junk Cluttering Up Your Home?


We are all guilty of having at least one drawer or cabinet that seems to accumulate those random items we think we will need one day, aka “the junk drawer”. What happens though, when that single drawer or cabinet multiplies? The age old excuse of “it may be useful one day” is the root of a lot of people’s junk problems. While it may seem like it’s just a matter of lost space, there are plenty of other reasons that hanging onto junk is bad idea.

Would You Pay to Keep Your Garbage?

Holding onto random items that serve no purpose and simply take up space is like paying to keep your garbage. If you rent, or even if you own, you are paying for a certain amount of living space. Cluttering that area up with junk is like paying the same amount each month for less space to live, or even work in. A three bedroom home is more expensive than a single bedroom home. If you live in a three bedroom home, but you got junk taking up space in one or more of those rooms, then you are cheating yourself by paying for all that space, but only effectively having a portion of it.

Pests of All Sizes Love Junk

Bedbugs, fleas, spiders, ants, roaches, mice, and rats all thrive in junky environments. In fact, most critters and bugs that get classified as a nuisance enjoy a home that if filled with junk. The countless nooks and crannies not only provide hiding spaces; they can also be food sources, since many insects can find sustenance in objects like cardboard boxes and paper. Keeping clutter and junk around your home is like setting out an invitation for these annoying, disease carrying insects and rodents.

Dust, Mold, & Mildew are Serious Health Risks

Even if you manage to keep pests away, there is still a big health concern when it comes to dust and mold. Dust can cause severe sinus irritation, even if you don’t a history of dust allergies. There are many different types of mold and mildew, and disorganized piles of junk tend to make prime sites for it to grow. Depending on what takes root, you could find yourself having mild sinus irritation to severe breathing problems and headaches. The trickiest part about mold and mildew is that it tends to grow in places you can’t see, but are still affected by its spores that get into the air.

Have you got junk taking up too much space and creating a potential health hazard in your home? Don’t delay; contact Skip’s Hauling today!