Have You Considered Wicker for Your Patio Furniture?


Wicker is a beautiful option when it comes to selecting patio furniture for your yard. It is environmentally friendly, durable, and incredibly lightweight. Wicker gives your patio furniture a more natural and organic look. Because wicker is so lightweight it is easily moved around or rearranged which can be more difficult with other types of material.

The Production Process

Wicker patio furniture offers strong and reliable durability because of it manufacturing methods. It is made of high density polyethylene vinyl which is woven by hand. It is then fitted to a frame that is both fully welded and then powder coated. The frame itself is also made from aluminum which offers you another level of strength. It stands up well to warm or dry climates as well as high temperatures.

Many Different Pieces to Pick From

People sometimes only think of things like simple chairs or tables when it comes to patio furniture. Today’s furniture comes in the same options that you would find in your living room. Some pieces include:

  • Chairs
  • Stools
  • Table
  • Fire Tables
  • Sofas
  • Love Seats
  • End Tables

On top of these choices you can also choose from hundreds of different fabrics to highlight the wicker you have decided upon. When you tie the whole set together with a big Sunbrella that also comes in a variety of colors, you can get the look you want.

Find a Company That Knows Quality

When you are looking to get a new set of luxury patio furniture it is important that you find a company that has years of experience with it. That is why a company like Palm Casual can’t be beat in the area. They have been manufacturing their own wicker patio furniture in Fort Myers area and selling it to the satisfied public since 1979. Talk to them about their 30 day trial period so you can be comfortable with your purchase. You should be happy with the area where you entertain your guests.