Have You Considered These Issues With Medical Device Contract Manufacturing?

Electronics and Electrical

Many companies that are seen as leaders in the medical device industry work with the same medical device contract manufacturing services on a regular basis. While this may be the best possible contractor to work with, there may be signs of issues with the existing services.

The specialized sector of medical device contract manufacturing is very competitive. Often a company chooses one provider and stays with that contractor, not realizing that they may be missing out on features and value-added services that are offered through other contractors.


Price per unit produced is always going to be a consideration with any type of manufacturing. Some manufacturers, due to the volume of materials they use, have different discounted prices from raw material vendors.

This is a critical consideration in any type of medical device manufacturing. This is very different than low-cost suppliers where traceability becomes a problem. Top quality manufacturers will always ensure full traceability for validation and verification needs.


While the cost will be an essential consideration, the company’s reputation for on time delivery should be at least of equal weight in the decision. A company offering a low price may be able to do so because of sheer volume, which may mean that smaller orders are wait listed to keep the large order companies deliveries on time.

Supply Chain Services

In most types of devices, the medical device contract manufacturing services will not be the sole provider for the project. Working with a company that can manage your supply chain or integrates with an existing supply chain will be critical to be able to streamline production, decrease logistic issues and get your product to market.

It may well be that the current provider is ideal for your production needs. Just remember, comparing different medical device manufacturing companies is an important part of ensuring collaboration with a top company that is adding value to your manufacturing needs.