How To Handle Water Damage Quickly To Avoid Permanent Damage

Mold Removal

Depending on the type of Water Damage that you have had in your home you have two choices but you have to choose immediately in order to preserve as much of your home and materials as possible. Standing water in a home does more than wreak havoc on the materials and pose safety concerns. If let stand for more than 24 to 48 hours it can pose substantial health risks as well as it is a perfect invitation for mold and mildew to set in. If you have damage caused by leaky or burst water pipe in your home there are certain steps you must adhere to right away.

As aforementioned, you have a limited amount of time to asses the damage and to take action steps. Once the water has infiltrated a porous surface time is of the essence. Depending on the severity of the problem you may be able to control the damage yourself but that will take a lot of assessment. Obviously if you have not done so already you need to shut off the water source. Secondly turn off all electrical outlets or equipment that are remotely close to the area and make sure that they all dry out before trying to use them.

Next, remove all debris. If the walls were affected, you need to remove the woodwork and drywall over at least a foot above the damage to contain the water. Flooring must be dealt with in the same fashion and ample amount of air blasted through the area in order to dry out the damage within the necessary 24 to 48 hour window that you have before mildew sets in. If at first glance this does not seem feasible, you will need professional help.

Some homeowners may have resigned to hiring Fort Myers water damage professionals once cutting into the woodwork was necessary.that have a full service operation that deal with clean up and restoration. Not all homes are built with the state of the art copper plumbing fixtures that make a home plumbing withstand for longer lengths of time in severe conditions but when a problem happens in the system, this can be an ample opportunity to switch a little at a time.