Halve your travel budget with Low cost airline tickets

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Those planning a family holiday to an exotic destination always worry about their budget. To live lavishly in 4-5 star hotels and travel in the best of cars with your family, it can get quite expensive. If you add to that airline travelling then the holiday budget may exceed by a significant margin for the average traveller. However, thanks to Low cost airline tickets, you can stop worrying about shuttling between places as they halve the budget you have earmarked for airline travels.

Travelling on low cost airlines

Low cost airlines were launched in India in 2005 to make aviation within the reach of the average middle class. These carriers offered speedy and low cost air travels to people who wanted to reach a destination on time. Most of these airlines do not include the amount payable for meals and you have to book them additionally with your ticket or buy them in-flight. You are allowed to carry 15kgs of luggage on the cargo and thereafter you need to pay extra for the excessive kilos. The seating is more or less comfortable and the staffs are cordial. This is the perfect way for the middle class to travel on Low cost airline tickets. These tickets cost Rs 5000 on an average. You can get further discounts if you book in advance.

Booking tickets on low cost airlines

If you are thinking of flying for your next holiday, start browsing travel sites or websites belonging to low cost carriers. Enter the details of your travel- the date of journey, number of passengers going along with you, whether it is a one way trip or not, business class or economy and the starting and ending point. The website will show you the information of flights available on that day, the cost of a ticket, time taken for travel, departure time, the name of the carrier and whether it has any layovers. You can book tickets with your credit or debit card.

Other features offered by these websites

A lot of the low cost airlines offer to design a holiday package for you with the best of hotels, tourist taxis and services. You can get your reservations made at a hotel beforehand so that you don’t have to land and hunt around for a good hotel. If you are thinking of going on a family holiday, log in to book Low cost airline tickets and plan your trip.