Gutter trouble? Should you repair or replace them?

Construction & Maintenance

Gutters are the unacknowledged heroes of the home. When they are working well, they help protect your home from getting excessively damaged by the elements. However, if you have been having gutter problems, you might be wondering whether to repair or replace them. If you are in Fairfax, VA, and are unsure which way to go, here are a few pointers to help you decide.

Gutter repair is the best option if

  • The damage is localized, meaning you simply need to replace the damaged sections rather than remove the whole gutter system.
  • There are a few cracks or holes which you can clean with some alcohol and seal with a sealant. Larger holes can also be repaired using metal flashing that’s glued or riveted on.
  • A singular joint is leaking, which will require you to fasten the nearby joints and apply some sealant.
  • Some hangers are loose, which you can screw in using a drill. You need to substitute the hangers if they are bent.
  • You have minimal damage on copper gutters. Since copper is pricey, it’s best to try repairing your copper gutter rather than replacing it.

You will need to replace your gutter system if

  • The gutter system is riddled with cracks and holes or is badly rusted in some places. This means you would need to make a lot of little repairs to the system, which is not worth it. It’s a lot easier to just replace the system.
  • There’s water damage, spillage, mold, mildew, and stains on the siding of your house, in your basement, and foundation. This means your gutters aren’t doing a good job of draining the water. If you see strips of water running down your walls or paint falling off, it’s probably because water is overflowing from the gutters.
  • Your gutters are visibly loose or sagging. This could be because they are out of place and no longer fit your home. You would need to get a replacement system that fits your home more efficiently.

Note some materials are more resilient to corrosion and wear. Additionally, working with a great gutter contractor and properly maintaining your system will ensure you get the most out of it. Direct Gutter Inc.