Guidelines for Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding


Filing a lawsuit can be expensive, which means that you might require some financing to get you through the tough times. In some cases, this funding is the only way to continue with a lawsuit and to avoid  accepting a settlement that gives you much less than you deserve. Before applying for a personal injury lawsuit advance, you should make sure that you meet the minimum requirements.

Have a Lawyer
Since the lender is taking a risk when giving you money, you must have a legal team or a lawyer in place before applying. This is because having a lawyer gives you a much better chance of winning your case and, therefore, increases the likelihood of the lender receiving its money back. Keep in mind that most lenders will not receive their money back if the case is lost, so they want to ensure that you have a good chance of winning before handing over any money. If you have not hired a lawyer, do so before applying for a lawsuit advance.  Furthermore, a lawyer could also help you understand the funding contract you sign with the lender and help you with any questions you may have.

The Type of Case
Many legal financing companies generally focus on certain types of cases. For example, one lender might focus on personal injury claims, while others might deal with property-related claims. Before applying for financing, make sure that the lender has any expertise in your type of lawsuit.

Tell Your Lawyer
If you wish to apply for financing, tell your lawyer about it beforehand. That way, the lawyer is aware that you are seeking funding from elsewhere and will not ask you for money at inopportune times. Show the lawyer your agreement to prevent misunderstandings from occurring later in the legal process. Furthermore, most lending companies require an attorney’s signature in order to execute your funding contract.

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