Guide to Purchasing a Chinese Clay Tea Set


Do you like Chinese tea? Even if you do not, you will find that there is a certain charm about owning a Chinese clay tea set. The clay tea sets are not only functional but have an aesthetic value that provides a calming touch to any setting. This tea set will help soothe the five human senses. The following tips will help you when selecting a tea set.

The first thing to consider when you are searching for a Chinese clay tea set is the type of clay used to make the set. There are two general types of clay used for these sets: red clay and purple clay. Purple clay is the clay most commonly used to make these sets. This is because it is very durable. The clay occurs at the bottom of the mine. The high pressure exerted on the clay gives it its iron like solidity. If you are purchasing a clay tea set for the first time, it is recommended that you choose those that are made from purple clay.

The red clay used for making a Chinese clay tea set is also found at the bottom of the mine. It is also hard but not as durable as the purple clay. Red clay tea sets are best for brewing aromatic teas. If you are looking for clay sets made of red clay from the Yixing mine, you should only purchase the items from a reputable dealer. This is because the clay is scarce. Items made of these clay are therefore expensive and few. Make sure you are buying an original by purchasing from a well-known and trusted supplier.

Touching the teapot will tell you a lot about the origin of the clay used to produce the tea set. If the clay is from the Yixing mine, then the clay will be smooth and pleasant to the touch. It will have the appearance of having grains but will not feel rough at all. If the clay is from any other source, it is likely to feel slightly sticky (like glass). If the clay pots have been mass-produced for distribution, the pots will feel rough to the touch.

The next step is to determine the style of the Chinese clay tea set that you want to purchase. This is completely your own choice. You should pick a style that suits your own preferences and taste. However, you should also consider the décor of the room you will display or use the set to serve in. The set ought to match the décor. If you are keen enough, you may find a set that matches the rest of your crockery.

Resource Box: If you are choosing a Chinese clay tea set, you will have to consider various factors to ensure that the set you purchase is the right one for you.

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