Guide to AC Replacement in Grand Rapids MI

HVAC Contractor

Michigan homeowners rely on their air conditioners to keep their homes comfortable during the summer months. Perhaps they have had a system running for a while needing fairly frequent repairs, and it’s time to consider an AC replacement in Grand Rapids MI. Maybe they want to increase their energy efficiency and are looking for a more efficient model. Perhaps they are remodeling, and their current model will not perform optimally for the new space. Many factors go into selecting a new air conditioner model.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners currently find it quite simple to find energy efficient models to purchase. Read the SEER ratings for different models. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit is. However, bear in the mind that the more efficient a unit, the higher the cost, as well. Homeowners will pay more on the front end for the unit, but their monthly utility bills should come down in cost.


Nobody wants to pay a lot of money for a new air conditioner. Homeowners may be tempted to take the lowest estimate they receive. But bear in mind that the lowest cost today does not equal the best value over the next ten years. In some cases, it may be worth it, in the long run, to spend more on a better unit today.


A homeowner may be tempted to buy the biggest unit they can fit into the space thinking a bigger unit will cool their home better. However, purchasing a unit that is too big for the house will end up costing homeowners more money in utility bills because their unit won’t run a full cycle and will cycle on and off frequently.


A warranty is essential when purchasing a new air conditioner. Pay attention to what steps need to be followed to keep that warranty valid. Generally, companies will require that the installation is performed by an HVAC contractor. Homeowners may void their warranty if they attempt to install the system themselves.

Installation and Maintenance

Look for an HVAC company that has years of experience servicing the particular brand air conditioner that is being installed. Additionally, have the system regularly maintained to keep it running in tip-top shape. Many contractors have maintenance programs for their customers. Browse our website for more information about AC replacement in Grand Rapids MI.