A Guide For Repairing Your Leaky Faucet Plumbing In Jacksonville FL


Listening to a leaky water faucet is annoying and it’s wasteful. One single drop of water dripping out of your faucet every second of the day adds up to gallons of water going down the drain. If you have a faucet that leaks, you may be able to fix it yourself by following the guide below. If you don’t have the necessary tools or the time to fix your faucet, contact an experienced company that specializes in Plumbing in Jacksonville FL.

Worn Out Washer

One of the most common reasons that a faucet drips is due to a washer that’s worn out or broken. This is an easy fix and all you need to do is replace the old rubber washer with a new one. When your faucet leaks at the base of the spout, lift up on the bottom of the spout to remove it. If you can’t get the spout to budge, you may have to remove the handles of the faucet first. After you get the faucet off of its base, you’ll see the worn out washer that you need to replace.

Corroded Valve

The faucet and the spout is joined together by a mechanical component called the valve seat. Minerals in hard water can corrode the valve and cause it to deteriorate. After removing the faucet and base, place a wrench down into the opening and turn the valve until it’s loose. Remove the old valve, place a new one into the opening and tighten it with the wrench.

Loose Packing Nut

When your faucet leaks around the handle, remove the packing nut with pliers. After removal, inspect the washer and if it’s worn, replace it with a new one. Place the packing nut back into position and tighten it with the pliers to fix the leak. If you’re unable to make these repairs yourself, call a local company that specializes in Plumbing in Jacksonville FL.

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