Great Information About Lawn Aeration in Spokane


There are a few things that people have to do if they want to have lawns that look fantastic. In order to grow properly, a lawn has to be fertilized. Since weeds can be unsightly and take nutrition that is meant for grass, they have to be removed. Grass also has to be cut and watered. Lawn Aeration in Spokane is something that is often overlooked by people who want great lawns. Aeration can help water, air, and nutrients get deep within a lawn in order to help it grow. It’s something that people can do themselves or hire professionals to do for them.

Understanding Aeration

In order to use aeration for a lawn, small holes have to be made in the soil. The holes help to make soil less compact. When soils are too compact, it’s hard for water, air, and important nutrients to circulate inside of the soil. Some people wonder why their lawns won’t grow, but they never consider that their lawns might have problems with compacted soil. There can also be things under the lawn that are interfering with the growth of a lawn’s roots.

Is Lawn Aeration Always Necessary?

When people first find out about Lawn Aeration in Spokane, they often wonder if it is always needed. The truth is that it isn’t always required, but it’s important to recognize when it is. If a lawn gets a lot of foot traffic, it probably needs aeration. The foot traffic will help to compact the soil underneath the grass. When homes are first constructed, it’s a good idea to use aeration. Grass that seems to dry out excessively will also need some work. Those who are introducing sod to their yards should also consider using aeration.

When Should It Be Done?

Ideally, aeration needs to be done during the season that grass grows. This gives the grass enough time to recover and use the holes in the soil to spur growth. Homeowners will have to know the type of grass they have in order to know its ideal growing season.

In order to take the guesswork out of the process, a professional landscaper can be used.

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