Going Through A Personal Injury Claim With A Milwaukee Car Accident Attorney


The law can be confusing after a car accident. There are many rules and regulations about insurance and liability. Victims do not have time to figure it out, especially if they are injured. Seek medical attention for an injury, and call your insurance company to report the accident. The police and the insurance companies investigate the accident, and assign fault.

If fault is an issue, call a Milwaukee Car Accident Attorney. Sometimes, the police cannot determine fault at the accident scene. The insurance company claims adjuster will investigate and assign degrees of fault. The attorney negotiates with the insurance company during this process. He or she knows how to assess the accident and fight for their client’s rights.

Many victims are confused about what insurance to use for medical bills. Sometimes, an individual has auto insurance with medical coverage. The insurance pays medical bills for the car’s owner, and passengers. Other people use their health insurance to pay their medical bills. Using health insurance can be tricky. Often, health insurance companies want to be reimbursed from their insured’s settlement. The attorney negotiates with the insurance company to try and lower the amount.

JSH Law Firm ensures that their clients receive the settlement they are entitled to. If you need a Milwaukee Car Accident Attorney, call JSH. The value of an auto claim depends on several factors, including severity, liability and medical bills. That is why it is important to document everything. Victims should keep a record of all expenditures, like medication and medical co-pays. The information should be forwarded to the attorney.

The insurance company may value the claim, lower than the attorney. Settlement negotiations may go back and forth, for a while. If the parties can’t reach a settlement, a lawsuit must be filed. In most states, the statute of limitations to file a personal injury lawsuit is two years. A lawsuit can be stressful and litigants need to prepare themselves. It could be over a year before the case comes to trial. Having an attorney that you trust, makes a personal injury claim much easier to deal with. Hopefully, they will negotiate a fair settlement and a lawsuit is unnecessary.