Go Green with the Eco-Friendly Nursery Decor


various baby artworkYou are never too young to learn an appreciation for the environment. Even babies can learn to recognize and appreciate plants and animals. Since tomorrow’s world will be in the hands of today’s children, teaching them at a young age to love nature makes good sense. A good way to introduce the green world is to “go green” with the nursery decor.

Though many nurseries are decorated in pink, blue or yellow, the eco-friendly nursery can be a soothing shade of green. Light green wall paint and brown or white trim brings the outdoors inside. Green reminds you of grass and trees and creates a natural, aesthetically pleasing environment. Innovative parents may even paint a blue sky with white clouds on the ceiling.

Animals and Flowers are Perfect Additions

Once the color scheme is chosen, it is time to consider the room accessories that expand the environmental theme. There is a wide choice of artwork and other decorative items that will fit quite nicely in an eco-friendly nursery. For example, children love animal pictures, and animal artwork is a perfect addition to the nursery. A picture of a swinging monkey, a baby orangutan, or an animal alphabet canvas enhances an appreciation of nature while beautifying the nursery.

The eco-friendly theme can be continued in other ways also. You can add jungle animal or flower bookends, a turtle nightlight, or brightly painted wall tiles with nature themes. The various items added to the nursery walls or placed on top of the dresser make the room cozy, in addition to being eco-friendly. As the infant gets older, the baby can learn the names of the animals and flowers in the nursery decor items and develop an early appreciation for nature.

Creative decorators may also paint trees or flowers on the walls. When the crib and rocking chair are added, the room will take on a soothing ambiance. As the child grows, the nature theme can be adapted by adding a themed child sized table and chairs.

Natural Storage

In addition to the various baby artwork, larger items like bookcases and storage units can also contribute to the nature theme. For example, a butterfly and flower themed hamper or a wicker hamper with an underwater theme would fit nicely. Another good choice is a toy chest painted with animals and alphabet letters. Each time clothes or toys are stored in the units, you can point out and name the animal and plant pictures. The environmental lessons will serve as a foundation for living a green life.

As global warming and population growth endanger the natural world, the importance of understanding and appreciating nature grows. Children who learn to love nature will be more likely to take an interest in its preservation when they grow older. Since protecting the environment will require that each person do their part to protect natural resources, the eco-friendly nursery decor represents a contribution towards a more sustainable future.