Getting Your Child Allergy Testing Near Birmingham, AL


A parent always has the best interest of his or her child at heart, especially when it comes to the child’s health. Sometimes the child experiences issues with his or her body that requires him or her to have allergy testing. There is a clinic that does Allergy Testing Near Birmingham, AL. Allergy testing sounds very frightening when children hear they have to have it. It is usually not as bad as it is made out to be. Here is a breakdown of what parents and children can expect out of allergy testing.

The first kind of tests that children are subjected to are the skin tests. There are two types: the percutaneous skin tests, which are done by introducing the allergens to the top layer of the skin via a prick or a scratch. The second type is done by using a needle to introduce the allergens by an injection. In preparing for these tests, the child should stop taking antihistamines for a week before the test. The parent will need to talk to the doctor about preventing allergic reactions during that time frame.

Prepare your child mentally by assuring him or her of the purpose of the test and how the doctors will not let anything happen. You can even give the child a simulation of what the skin prick will feel like by using a plastic toothpick on the skin. Whatever you have to do to reassure the child will be helpful. Be prepared to comfort the child should the child cry during the testing. On larger children, the prick takes place on the forearm. Only smaller children, the skin prick is in the back, to prevent the child from rubbing.