About Getting a Tub to Shower Conversion in Pittsburgh

Construction and Maintenance

Over the last several years there has been more homeowners who are interested in having a tub to shower conversion in Pittsburgh. There are many reasons for this, and several considerations that a homeowner must undertake before the final decision on whether to go forward with this remodeling project is made.

Most homes have small bathrooms. One way to maximize the size of the bath is through a tub to shower conversion in Pittsburgh. The fact is, the combination tub and shower is quickly falling out of favor. Most homeowners feel that these combos make the bath look dated. A lot of homeowners do not get much use out of the tub. Therefore, it makes sense to install a large and comfortable shower and free up space in the bathroom at the same time. A tub does take up a lot of space that can be better used.

It is important to make a plan for your new bathroom before rushing into the project. You can get some wonderful ideas by visiting websites such as website domain. You can check out the different styles and finishes that can be used. However, each bathroom is different and you will have to keep some things in mind when you are coming up with a design for yours. Of course you want to choose easy to care for materials that are waterproof. Materials used for flooring should be non slip for safety.

While removing the tub will free up space, you must also take into account the fact that a shower door will need room to swing open. You want the area around the door free so that the door does not accidentally slam into the sink or toilet. Leave enough space between the shower and the toilet so that the toilet isn’t left crowded. Each individual appliance in the bathroom, needs its buffer space around it. Check with local building codes in order to ensure that your measurements and space meets with building codes. Whether you are doing the work yourself, or bringing in a professional, you will have to obtain a permit before any work can begin.